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October 04, 2017, 14:59
NCLEX Practice Exam Questions for Integumentary Skin System This NCLEX practice test has questions that will assess your knowledge of the integumentary system (skin). #1. The Official CNA Study Guide The Official CNA Study Guide is the best study guide on the market and will offer you a top-notch review, two of the best practice tests, a pretest, and is the cheapest of them all. As people age, loss of appetite can be normal. But when ability to enjoy food occurs, there can be several reasons. With fewer taste buds, flavors are harder to detect; more seasoning or appealing aromas may be helpful. First Name: Last Name: Phone Number: Email: Assisting the client with self-administration of Medication - Part 1 1. Your diabetic client asks you to fill a syringe with her morning dose of insulin. A discussion on the role of the certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in delivering wound care and an overview of training programs to further wound care skills. Intake and output measure the fluid balance in the body. To calculate input, add all liquids, plus foods that are liquid at room temperature, such as ice cream, ice pops and jello.